Kwaku Asante, Ocean singer: « My music? Modern gospel »

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Singer and songwriter, Kwaku Asante is an accomplished North London artist with 2 albums (Wanderlust in 2022 and Blue Solstice: Volume 2 this year) as well as several EPs. From the release of his first single in 2018, The Way That You Move, he had a great success and his notoriety on the underground scene grew. His unique music features R&B, soul and funk-influenced melodies that can be associated with modern artists such as Otis Kane, Malia and Leven Kali. 

A committed artist 

« A musician inspired by the ocean”, his music celebrates connections, particularly the relationship between people and the ocean. An artist committed to the world of tomorrow, he is one of the 10 ambassadors of the FW23 campaign for North Sails, a green, upcycled collection that consumes fewer resources. He can be found alongside sailor Abby Ehler, kitesurfer Karlie Thoma and photographer Clare James. Kwaku has also taken part in a number of conferences on young people’s mental health. You can see him wearing North Sails’ latest creation, the « Irreversible Sailor Jacket », one of the brand’s revisited icons. Interview. 

Can you share a key moment when you knew music was your true passion? 
Kwaku Asante : I knew that music was my passion when I felt the feeling it gave me when I heard it in church with the gospel songs. There were also those moments that I loved at school when I went to my piano lessons.

We can hear in your music, R&B, soul and funk melodies. Do you have any influences ? 
My influences are D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and gospel also plays an important role with artists like Marvin Sapp and Donnie McClurkin. There are touches of modern gospel in my music.

How would you define your personal aesthetic style and how does it reflect your artistic personality?
I would describe my style as quite clean and my music is quite polished and stuff, so it reflects how I dress I guess. I like good colors and silhouette shapes, all different sorts of flow. 

Your collaboration with North Sails is interesting. How did this association come about ?
This association came about I think to the messages in my songs and the fact that I started geography at university which I think definitely goes with the brand.


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Interview by Sarah Sellami